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Bluegrass local Sammy Shelor with Lonesome River Band

Lonesome River Band continues their reputation as one of the most respected names in bluegrass music. Led by five-time International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Banjo Player of the Year and Virginia Country Music Hall of Famer Sammy Shelor, the group holds a powerhouse line up of award-winning players including vocalist and songwriter Brandon Rickman on guitar, Mike Hartgrove on fiddle, Barry Reed on bass and Randy Jones on mandolin and vocals.

The band is celebrating their Billboard Top 10 Bluegrass Album, Turn On A Dime released on Mountain Home Music Company. The album certainly showcases Lonesome River Band at the top of their creative game. When masterful players and vocalists combine with top notch material and thoughtful arrangement, the result is a dynamic release. This long awaited project includes numerous chart songs including the hit “Her Love Won’t Turn On A Dime” that reached the #1 spot seven times on the Bluegrass Today Top 20. buy viagra online cheap canada

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Darrell Webb Band

Award winning bluegrass band Darrell Webb Band

Award Winning Bluegrass Band at Wayside Park Festival

The Darrell Webb Band brings energy and excitement to the concert stage reaching beyond traditional boundaries. Their brand of entertainment has earned them multiple International Bluegrass Music Association award nominations.

The Darrell Webb Band is currently celebrating the success of their latest release “Dream Big.” “Flying South to Dixie” featuring members of the Grasscals topped the charts at #1 on Bluegrass Today’s weekly chart in July! Darrell teamed up with his long-time friend, the Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent on “More Life.” The new album, “Dream Big” on Mountain Fever Records is A 20 Year Celebration of Darrell Webb’s career and artisanship. buy viagra online using paypal

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Rock Fish Gap Bluegrass Band

Rock Fish Gap Bluegrass Band

Blending traditional and new bluegrass for a unique sound

Rockfish Gap is an up-and-coming bluegrass and Americana band that is starting to make their mark on the regional festival circuit as well as select concert halls and special events. Their smooth instrumental style is complemented by layered three- and four-part vocal harmonies and innovative song arrangements. From traditional fiddle tunes and bluegrass standards to original songs written by the band, Rockfish Gap creates a unique and consistent blend of old and new, savory and sweet. Luke Neer drives the band with his five-string banjo work and provides distinctive lead vocals. Maggie Edwards sets the pace on bass while supplying lead and harmony vocals. Mitch Russell blends tasteful mandolin leads and his own vocal styles from an old-time/bluegrass/folk tradition as well as his own songs with intricate and introspective lyrics. Ralph Edwards adds guitar and vocals to the mix as well as songs from the heart. The resulting combination displays diversity of style with unity of purpose – a hallmark of Americana. The mix of traditional bluegrass, interesting acoustic country, and original songs in multiple genres makes for an eclectic show with comfort and surprises.

You can find out more about Rockfish Gap bluegrass band at buy pfizer viagra online usa

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