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Mountain Fever recording artist Sweet Potato Pie has been entertaining audiences for over a decade with their classy blend of bluegrass, country and gospel music mixed together in a style called “sweetgrass”. This all female band has carved out a place for themselves among the bluegrass community with their original toe-tapping tunes, old classics and entertaining stage shows. Their unique sound revolves around their sparkling 3-part harmonies. Along with their own toe- tapping tunes, you’ll hear driving instrumentals and classic songs from Patsy Cline, Bill Monroe, the Judds and many more. The band has 5 CD’s to their credit which include chart topping songs from their last two albums “Nothings the Same” and “Journey Called Life”.

Making their way from the heart of Carolina, these “Sweethearts of Bluegrass” serve up a musical treat that you are sure to enjoy. Stop by the “tator tent” for some fresh baked sweet  potato pies, great music, t-shirts, and new recipe ideas. They are lip-smackin’, toe-tappin’ good! What people saying:  “These girls are a great mix between the New Coon Creek Girls and the Lennon Sisters!”
Hank Janey, WGTY  “Very groovy! This is cool stuff; stands out from the usual bluegrass fare.”  Joe Wills, WBZC  “Solidly good! Great vocals and instrumentation!”  Gracie Muldoon, buy viagra online cheap canada  “This group has terrific vocals, original music and a purity that is uncommon” Steve Dilling, IIITyme Out

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