15 Years of Bluegrass and counting…

Dear Bluegrass Family:

15 years — how do you begin to reflect on 15 years — we have made so many friend — renewed old friendships and along the way I am sure we have upset a few. However, for the last 15 years we have strived on providing good family quality entertainment and camping for all who love BLUEGRASS.

Life provides us ups and downs. In the last 15 years we all have lost loved ones not only human but our little four legged fur friends who became a part of our families. Yet, we have our memories to hold on to — to reflect back on remembering the good times.

It is our hope you enjoy our Bluegrass Festival this year and encourage you to come back and bring a friend. Make those memories because Praise God we never know what tomorrow may bring.

No matter the journey you may be going through, please know we are like family — Bluegrass Familes are so unique as they all have a place in their heart for anyone that crosses their path.

We leave you with a prayer of Healing in hopes this week-end you can lay any burdens aside — enjoy the music, friendship, food and this beautiful place called Wayside Park.

It is with love and fellowship til we meet again, July 6 – 9, 2016.

Home & Mary
Steve & Carolyn
Danny & Patty