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The International Bluegrass Music Association’s (IBMA) most awarded Male Vocalist of the Year (5-time career), Russell Moore, is truly at the top of his game. Fronting one of the most popular bands in bluegrass history; Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out is celebrating nearly 25 years as one of the genres most awarded and influential groups in modern day bluegrass. All in all, the band has garnered over 50 industry accolades since their inception in 1991 including being named the IBMA’s Vocal Group of the Year seven consecutive years. Their a cappella renditions of many songs can rarely be matched and their superb instrumentation provides even more quality sound to their rich vocal blend featuring one of the most respected lead vocalists of all time. All this along with a heavy touring schedule, including many performances on the Grand Ole Opry as well as GAC and RFD channel programs, over 17 recordings to date, and a desire to present their fans with the best music possible, makes this “supergroup” one of bluegrass music’s most recognized and in-demand bands. The ensemble celebrated tremendous success with the release of their first studio project in five years in 2010 and their latest CD, Timeless Hits From The Past Bluegrassed, sold exclusively through Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, is ranked #5 on Billboard’s Top Selling Bluegrass Albums of 2013. “Brown County Red” is the new single from an upcoming album due out later this year. The song has already reached #1 on Bluegrass Today’s Top 20 Songs chart for June 2015. Indeed, if one measure of success is the degree to which younger and newer musicians look to a group for inspiration, then Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out are about as successful as a bluegrass group can be, for a whole generation of young pickers and singers can be heard across the country trying their hand at IIIrd Tyme Out classics.

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The Deer Creek boys were established in 1999 by Cason Ogden, Jason Tomlin, and Justin Tomlin. As they grew, so did their passion and commitment to music. By the time they were in High School they were touring around the Central Virginia bluegrass circuit ( with banjoist David Carrol), establishing quite the name for themselves.

In August of 2009, Jason took a job with Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice. The other members of the band pursued other opportunities, both musically and career oriented.

The group has just recently decided to start booking dates again, and banjoist Andy Lowe and Dobro extraordinaire Caleb Cox have since come aboard to create quite an energetic and driving sound. The Deer Creek Boys are sure to offer you an incredible selection of original and traditional bluegrass music!

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Mountain Fever recording artist Sweet Potato Pie has been entertaining audiences for over a decade with their classy blend of bluegrass, country and gospel music mixed together in a style called “sweetgrass”. This all female band has carved out a place for themselves among the bluegrass community with their original toe-tapping tunes, old classics and entertaining stage shows. Their unique sound revolves around their sparkling 3-part harmonies. Along with their own toe- tapping tunes, you’ll hear driving instrumentals and classic songs from Patsy Cline, Bill Monroe, the Judds and many more. The band has 5 CD’s to their credit which include chart topping songs from their last two albums “Nothings the Same” and “Journey Called Life”.

Making their way from the heart of Carolina, these “Sweethearts of Bluegrass” serve up a musical treat that you are sure to enjoy. Stop by the “tator tent” for some fresh baked sweet  potato pies, great music, t-shirts, and new recipe ideas. They are lip-smackin’, toe-tappin’ good! What people saying:  “These girls are a great mix between the New Coon Creek Girls and the Lennon Sisters!”
Hank Janey, WGTY  “Very groovy! This is cool stuff; stands out from the usual bluegrass fare.”  Joe Wills, WBZC  “Solidly good! Great vocals and instrumentation!”  Gracie Muldoon, buy pfizer viagra online usa  “This group has terrific vocals, original music and a purity that is uncommon” Steve Dilling, IIITyme Out

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Wound Tight Bluegrass Band

Returning bluegrass band WoundTight

WoundTight is an award winning Bluegrass band comprised of dynamic musicians from western Virginia. Led by brothers Chris and Ray “Mike” Martin, WoundTight’s unique sound brings forth innovative and sophisticated renderings of their traditional bluegrass roots. Their energetic bluegrass style has captured the attention of fans and judges alike resulting in first place winnings at both the 20th Annual Maury River Fiddlers Convention and the 24th Annual Sedalia Bluegrass Festival. WoundTight continues to excel in their musical genre taking ninth place at the 79th annual Galax Old Fiddler’s Convention.
Many band members have won individual awards and have many musical accomplishments. WoundTight is always ready to deliver a high energy foot tapping performance. Their shows feature bluegrass classics, gospel standards and tight vocal harmonies.

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“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be” is the quote I live by. In order to achieve your dreams, you have to follow your heart and never back down. When someone says you can’t do it, all you have to do is turn around and say “Watch me”.
Hey y’all, I’m Olivia Jo. I was born on Halloween in a small southern town. I’m a singer and songwriter, and I started playing guitar when I was six. Honestly, I can’t remember any part of my life that hasn’t involved music. Music has always been my friend when no one else was. Music brings a feeling of peace like no other. It truly heals the soul.

I’m living life to the fullest, having fun and embracing every moment. I could shop for shoes all day long. I like trucks and cowboy boots, and when I am not playing music you can usually find me outside in the dirt. My favorite color is yellow; it’s bright and grabs people’s attention, which reflects my personality. I am drawn to photography. When something inspires me, I capture that moment in a picture. I can’t wait for so many things, but mostly I can’t wait to meet all of you.

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Lonesome River Band

Bluegrass local Sammy Shelor with Lonesome River Band

Lonesome River Band continues their reputation as one of the most respected names in bluegrass music. Led by five-time International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Banjo Player of the Year and Virginia Country Music Hall of Famer Sammy Shelor, the group holds a powerhouse line up of award-winning players including vocalist and songwriter Brandon Rickman on guitar, Mike Hartgrove on fiddle, Barry Reed on bass and Randy Jones on mandolin and vocals.

The band is celebrating their Billboard Top 10 Bluegrass Album, Turn On A Dime released on Mountain Home Music Company. The album certainly showcases Lonesome River Band at the top of their creative game. When masterful players and vocalists combine with top notch material and thoughtful arrangement, the result is a dynamic release. This long awaited project includes numerous chart songs including the hit “Her Love Won’t Turn On A Dime” that reached the #1 spot seven times on the Bluegrass Today Top 20. buy viagra super active online

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Darrell Webb Band

Award winning bluegrass band Darrell Webb Band

Award Winning Bluegrass Band at Wayside Park Festival

The Darrell Webb Band brings energy and excitement to the concert stage reaching beyond traditional boundaries. Their brand of entertainment has earned them multiple International Bluegrass Music Association award nominations.

The Darrell Webb Band is currently celebrating the success of their latest release “Dream Big.” “Flying South to Dixie” featuring members of the Grasscals topped the charts at #1 on Bluegrass Today’s weekly chart in July! Darrell teamed up with his long-time friend, the Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent on “More Life.” The new album, “Dream Big” on Mountain Fever Records is A 20 Year Celebration of Darrell Webb’s career and artisanship. buy female viagra online uk

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There aren’t many vocalists who can wring every bit of lonesome out of a note like Junior Sisk. Sisk’s soulful, heartfelt vocals earned him the2013 IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year award. They have also helped him, along with his band Ramblers Choice, earn a number of other awards over the past several years, including 2014 SPBGMA Bluegrass Band of the Yearbuy viagra online canada

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